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Donna R. Wood, American Author, Intellectual and Social Theorist, founded Butterfly Phoenix in 2006 as a personal blog, focusing on empowering women through the sharing of the story of her own life.
In a world where not only nonprofits and communities are having to do more with less, Donna utilizes her knowledge and skills gained over a thirty year career in strategy development, to assist businesses, nonprofits and communities to navigate the Age of Globalization.
In her thirty year career, Donna has worked for and with companies in the healthcare, higher education, technology and legal industries, as well as nonprofits serving in diversity and inclusion, organizational and community development.
Donna is the recipient of the YWCA Cass Clay Woman of the Year award (2009) in the category of Advocating for Equality. 
Donna feels that learning is a life-long endeavor. As such, she has continued her studies under professors from around the world:
ETH Zurich and Singapore: Future Cities
Wellesley College:  Intro to Global Sociology
University of Texas at Austin:  The Age of Globalization
The University of Queensland:  The Science of Everyday Thinking
The University of California - Berkeley:  The Science of Happiness
MIT:  Transforming Business, Society and Self
Harvard University:  Unlocking the Immunity to Change
Learning by Giving Foundation:  Giving with Purpose
Although not Native American, Donna grew up on the Fort Bethold Reservation in a farming community of Northwest North Dakota. She has watched her small hometown go through the pains of the oil boom and bust in the 1980s, and the resurgence of the boom beginning in 2008.  Her small town has seen explosive growth and devestating de-population.
Today, Donna makes her home in Fargo, the largest metropolitan city of North Dakota. Fargo is growing fast in business and in diveristy of the population. Fargo is where information architecture is taking root in North Dakota and expanding at a rapid rate across the rest of the state.
Donna is the mother of three grown children and three grandchildren. She believes that integrity, honesty, loyalty and compassion are the keys to a successful life. 
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